Yoga for Teens

Yoga is not limited by age or ability.  The key to the practice of yoga is awareness and intention.  If you are aware of your body and have the intention of paying attention to the breath – you are beginning to practice of yoga.


My vision is to bring this kind of awareness to as many people as possible, from all walks of life.  I would love to see yoga in every classroom and care home.  It is truly inspiring to hear that people are helping to heal their physical, mental and spiritual ailments with yoga more and more. 

Following inspirational specialist training with                  in Spain, I truly believe that yoga and mindfulness is essential for the developing bodies and minds of teenagers.  


By introducing students to mindfulness activities such as yoga, we are giving them access to the skills needed to take charge of their own behaviour and emotional responses, which will see a positive impact on their self-esteem, as well as their ability to motivate themselves academically.  

I am currently teaching at various Pupil Referral Units and Outreach centers in Ceredigion, which is great fun, hugely rewarding and so needed, by both the students and the staff.



















Teen Yoga fits in perfectly with OfSTED’s requirement that every school should actively promote and evaluate pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.  In their own words, ‘spiritual development is an important element of a child’s education and fundamental to other areas of learning’ and includes a student’s ‘search for meaning and purpose’, ‘self-knowledge’, ‘relationships’, ‘creativity’ and their growing awareness of their ‘feelings and emotions’. 

“young people experience a great deal of pressure, and consequently stress, to perform well in school due to the high expectations on the them both academically and socially.  Yoga is a great way to deal with this.”

John Chantry, Vice Principle, Ralph Allen School, Bath










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