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Saturday 28th March

Yoga and Lunch

Exploring the true meaning of Hatha Yoga

Passed down through the ages, over 4000 years ago, the tradition of yoga has seen many incarnations and disciplines.


During the class we will explore the origins and practices of yoga, and illuminate the misconception that ha-tha yoga relates to the balancing of our sun (male) and moon (female) energies.  Beginning to understand the subtleties of the mind and how vital it is to harness this energy.


Llanfair Clydogau Village Hall

10.00 – 12.00 followed by lunch

The cost for the yoga class is £10, plus the additional cost of your lunch.

Student testimonials


I attended a Sunday workshop with Karen and I found her to be very friendly, warm and welcoming. The workshop itself was informative and interesting, combining explanation and theory, with practise in asana and pranayama.  I found the combination of learning and doing to be very helpful in deepening my understanding of yoga.


Karen is a fun and playful teacher. I love how she encourages "freestyle shimmy" in between the classic postures. I have found the content of her workshops to be incredibly well researched and creative. She is a warm and inspiring teacher and has a unique teaching style which is accessible to everyone.