The transitional time of Autumn...

autumn leaves

I find the colours of autumn imprinted within the darkness of my closed eyes.

Vibrant reds, oranges, yellows and dying greens. Jagged leaves, curling tips, spirals as they flutter to the ground. Now, already, the colours are beginning to lose their vibrancy, the leaves are lost to the earth, the bare skeleton of branches now arching up into the sky.

All in nature that is vibrant becomes brittle and decayed, deep into the dark, dank soil, where life is then once again reborn. This can also be reflected in our lives. Now is a transitional time that encourages us to stop and pause. In time we can reflect on the year just gone; what blossomed and grew, what now needs ‘pruning’ for new life to immerge.

The time is upon is to slow down; nature’s way is to find a comfortable abode, to rest, to sleep, somehow navigate the ‘little death’ of winter. Yet, as human doings, instead of human beings, still we hurry, against the clock, the wind, the rain. If only huggled and snuggled, we could curl inside ourselves.

While the winds of change are blowing during autumn, our bodies and minds may not be ready for the change in weather or temperature (mine certainly isn’t!), so take the time to connect yourself to the earth.

Autumn meditation…

Visualise and see autumnal nature that resonates with you. See the colours, feel the textures, hear the sounds and remember tastes and smells. Pay minuate awareness to the touch of the world around you, how you place yourself in nature, how you touch and communicate without the need for words.

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