New beginnings...

With a slight chill in the air, and the evenings drawing in a little closer, September seems to be a time to refocus and bring into our lives, new ideas, practices, and reflections of the passing year (how can be it be September already?!) Choosing to commit to a new habit, or consciously changing another is tricky! Our habitual patterns of behaviour resist moving from their comfort zone. Mark Twain had it right “habit is habit, and not to be flung out of the window by any man (or woman!), but coaxed downstairs one step at a time.” Whether bringing them in, or letting them go, habitual thought patterns need to tread new neural pathways, and clarity of mind is essential for this. Watching the breath gives us the opportunity to also view our thoughts; with the intention of not getting so caught up in the movie of the mind; and learning to drop the story and move on; again and again, and again and again… From my own practice, I know a little, often, is the best way in. “10 minutes on the mat”, is often encouragement enough to generate motivation to getting there in the first place, and the 10 minutes easily extends. Notice the barriers you place in your own way and gently see if you can move them mentally aside. The delay of instant gratification or moving aside a self- imposed procrastination, is all that is needed to create new neural pathways..and of course repetition, repetition, repetition! If it’s taken many years to lay them down, time and dedication is needed to help them shift. Gently, gently, softly, softly is the way. So make a commitment…to practice at home, eat more healthily or spend more time in nature, whatever it takes to fill you with a sense of well-being. Honour your intention and practice, practice, practice!

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