Return of the light..bright Solstice blessings

Cycles within cycles as we circle the sun again.

According to its Latin roots, the word solstice means “sun standing still," and winter solstice has been recognized across many cultures as a time to celebrate the gradual return of the light.

So here is an invitation to join together and simply BE. Take the time to sit with yourSelf and over the next few days reflect on what brings light/dark into your life. Where do you want to be? What encourages this, what stands in your way? Be honest and open. Honour the darkness as you do the light; it all serves to teach of ourselves and our interactions with others.

Many of us are feeling the darkness of our time. Bombarded by technology, fearful for the safety of ourselves and our beautiful planet, it is easy to sit in despair feeling isolated.

My practice for several weeks now has been in honour of the Earth, with the intention of honouring my connection to the planet. Some of us my wish to shine a light into the darkness, some of us may wish to truly feel the pain and grieve for Mother Earth…whichever and however, let’s become conscious and collectively re-connect to the vibration of the Earth. One of the most powerful aspects of the practice is honouring all I have to be grateful for. No matter how I’ve arrived to sit, when I begin this practice, something in me shifts. Recognising all we have to be grateful for is powerful and honours nature and those around, remembering Namaste.


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