Bright blessings for summer solstice!

Our sun within

In honour of the summer solstice, take a moment to connect to your fiery sun inside.

The solar plexus or Manuipura Chakra is situated in the abdomen, just under the belly button and resonates with a fiery yellow sun like energy. The Manipura Chakra represents transformation and overcoming inertia. It has been called the “fire in the belly.” This area also represents will, power, digestion (both physical and emotional) and assertiveness. This fire, or will power, gives us the energy to change, grow, and act in our lives.

The physical body needs survival which is represented by the 1st chakra. The ability to move and change is represented by the 2nd chakra. The 3rd chakra is spark and power to move our bodies into action. The 1st chakra is solid. The 2nd chakra is change and movement. When solid matter is rubbed together using movement, the result is fire and energy – just as two sticks rubbed together create a fire.

So as the outer sun shines for the longest day, let your inner fire burn too - reflecting on what you feel passionate about, and what you wish to move forward with. Be guided by your inner light.....and I advise doing this whilst bathing in the sun!

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