Be the truth!

In our class today we began the contemplation of Satya. The second yama of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, meaning ‘truthfulness’.

‘Sat’ when translated means ‘true essence’. The essence of who we really are. The quiet, still depths within. The ever present, unchanging Self. The divine spark that connects us to ourselves and each other. Something unchanged and pure.

On our mats honouring Satya, unfolding with gentle awareness of Ahimsa, brings a sense of being honest with ourselves, about how and where the body wants to go. Giving ourselves the quiet space and time, to connect to the truth in ourselves. If we live only in the world of the mind, which tells us ‘I am not good enough’...’I’m to blame for this’...(etc etc), we idenitify with the irritional vrittis (whirlpools of mental distress) that only relate to the conditioned experience of our lives so far. Practicing present moment awareness allows us a breathing space, to idenitify with what actually is, quite simply the breath and the body breathing.

Then taking our practice out into the world in which we live. Speaking our truth, and living it too! And here is the balance between expressing our truth to others, and compassionately embracing Ahimsa. Ensuing we are not truth telling from a ego perspective, if it could bring harm to another, through either words or deeds, then it may be more beneficial to refrain! Also remembering, what we experience as truth one day may not be the same truth we live the next. Practicing satya requires staying open to truth in the present moment, as it reveals itself.

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