Be love...

Wishing you all a peaceful festive season.

A time of year that tends to be steamrollered with the 'god' of consumerism. So instead, lets spend a time appreciating the simple, gentle parts of life. A hug or kiss from a dear one who you are re-connecting with. Or the wave of love sent to those who aren't near. The bright divine spark that is passed from heart to heart - connecting us to the deeper, more 'real' aspect of our Selves.

Consider Christmas presence, rather than Christmas presents! Lets identify with a sense of compassion, rather than judgement or indifference. Experience the presence of patience while experiencing frustration.

Give a gift to ourselves by choosing not to identify with all the complexities and insecurities of the mind. A ripple of love to yourself, that then softens the environment (physically and emotionally) around you, ultimately changing your world perception and your interaction with others.

Bright blessings x x x x

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