The classes are relaxed and informal, an opportunity to experiment with the body, listening and responding to the feedback we receive; following the journey of the breath, in all it’s ebbs and flows.


Practicing yoga in this way allows us to release tension, relax and energise the body through physical postures, breathing and relaxation techniques.  Calming the breath and the mind helps us to suspend judgment of ourselves and others, finding focus and calm within, bringing compassion and an acceptance of life, just as it is.

Working in harmony with the breath can help us feel more settled and able to deal with the stresses of daily life.

Student testimonial:

“An hour and a half of spiritual peace with a teacher whose passion and understanding of yoga ensures every member of her group participates at a level correct for their experience and physical ability"

One-to-one sessions are also available on request, see Yoga at Home.

Days & Times

There will be no further classes until the current situation is resolved.

Fluidity MeditationKarunamayi
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